hows everyone been?

havent been on here in like 2 weeks now

been hardcare dieting and exercising.. used this whole summer to get fit.. I was at the highest ever when I started 184! Sickening.. I was so down in the dumps.. but now I'm at 154 the lowest I've been in over 2 years! I know I still have a long way to go so keep on truckin.. It felt great coming home and getting the compliments I got. I didn't think I looked at all different but everyone was like holy shit Shannon you really lost weight.. I'm so happy I can run again without my legs cramping like they did with the extra weight.. when I went to the doctor and got measured I've lost 2.5 from my waist.. 2 from my hips 1 from arms 1.5 from thighs
GW 130
HW 184
CW 154
- 30pds

looking for comod!
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I somehow stayed under 500 cal yesterday.. I ate nada all day, ran my ass off at the gym, then biked, then strength trained and tried to just go to bed after.. but tossed and turned then binged.. only small binge tho.. small turkey sandwich tons of celery 45 cal slice bread.. and a fullbar 160 cals.. actually filled me up pretty good with tons of water.. then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sleep sweet sleep! thank god it wasn't a huge binge
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first entry!

and hopefully more! I made this community because I am so tired of all the nasty communities and nasty LJ users on LJ! This is the NEW purgatorium! Ladies, lets help each other!
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